I’m a pretty hardcore Transformers fan. I don’t usually dare call myself a “fan” of anything, but when my regular newsfeed is Seibertron and I browse TFWiki more than regular Wikipedia, I think that qualifies.

My favourite Transformer was, is, and always will be – Victory Saber.

I was asked to loan my collection for Cybertron Con 2012, definitely the highlight of my collecting… career, so to speak.




“[InC-terview] Transformers Toy Collector Marcus Goh!” – InCinemas

“Transfixed by Transformers” – The Straits Times

“Contest winner at Transformers The Ride” – Seibertron

“He owns nearly 500 toys” – Yahoo

“Bot-Buster” – Asia One

“Pledge Your Allegiance” my contest entry


TODAY rolls into the Transformers Cybertron Con 2012 Singapore – Today

The Interview – Transformers Cybertron Con 2012 – Tech65


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  1. My favourites are always Dinobots and Predacons.

    They are the biggest, baddest and most brutal in both robot and primitive modes.

    And they carried swords with Swoop and Divebomb the only representatives who can fly in both modes on each side.

    Until Age Of Extinction movie, I have not collected or drawn any more Transformers for a very long time since 2003.

    Not even when the first 3 live action movies are featured during 2007-2011.

    Pity Dinobots cannot combine. Otherwise they, not the Predaking will be the biggest combiner.

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