Metroplex – the biggest Transformer ever! (as of 2013)

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Should you buy Metroplex? Yes. No qualifiers. No questions asked.

Which version of Metroplex should you buy? This one. The AGC-Con version. It comes with 2 guns (Hasbro’s regular one has only one gun), 12 additional small non-transforming gold and silver figures, and very sweet box art.

As of now, there are four versions of Metroplex you could buy. This one is the AGC-Con (I’m not entirely sure what AGC stands for, just that it’s a convention in Hong Kong).

SDCC – In this part of the world, it’d cost a bomb. It’s virtually identical to the AGC version (or so I’ve read), but the 12 small figures are cast in red and purple.

Hasbro – It’s the cheapest option. It also only has one gun.

Takara – It has the most detailed paint apps of the four, and has two guns! But for that price, you could get the AGC version and snag 12 additional tiny Transformers too! But if an amazingly detailed Metroplex is what you’re looking for…

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So here’s a comparison of box sizes with the former “largest Transformer ever.”

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You really need this handle. It’s hard to carry otherwise.

marcusgohmetroplex (1)

I’m not sure what are the chances of you reading this text, but here it is!

marcusgohmetroplex (2)

Unboxing. The previous pictures were the slipcase cover to this very nifty construction-themed box.

marcusgohmetroplex (3)

Are you excited? That “Metroplex” isn’t Photoshopped on, by the way.

marcusgohmetroplex (4)

Metroplex’s butt.

marcusgohmetroplex (5)

And now, the front of the big boy himself!

marcusgohmetroplex (6)

Fortress Maximus is a bit jealous.

marcusgohmetroplex (7)

Took a while to undo the inner packaging.

marcusgohmetroplex (8)

Here he is, almost de-shelled!

marcusgohmetroplex (9)

Remember the 12 mini figures? Here they are.

marcusgohmetroplex (10)

Remnants of the box. I threw it away as it didn’t have any box art or copywriting on it.

marcusgohmetroplex (11)

The face of a city.

marcusgohmetroplex (12)

Comparison shows between him and Fort Max. He’s really taller, even without his antenna.

marcusgohmetroplex (13)

Metroplex – all silver and chromey.

marcusgohmetroplex (14)

Fort Max gets over his jealousy and gives his brother from another mother the same father a hug.

marcusgohmetroplex (15)

Scamper. Won’t be seeing much of him in this post though.

marcusgohmetroplex (16)

Guns guns guns!

marcusgohmetroplex (17)

For guns, these things pack a lot of detail.

marcusgohmetroplex (18)

Metroplex with his legs together.

marcusgohmetroplex (19)

His articulated hands.

marcusgohmetroplex (20)

He even has the Dragonzord kind of cannon fingers.

marcusgohmetroplex (21)

I tried to put him in the same pose as his box art.

marcusgohmetroplex (24)

Instructions. Of course, I didn’t need them.

marcusgohmetroplex (25)

I needed the pictures to show me how they’d look though.

marcusgohmetroplex (26)

Sticker guide. Over a 100 stickers. Good grief.

marcusgohmetroplex (27)

I hate pasting stickers. I can totally do without this aspect of Transformers.

marcusgohmetroplex (28)

This is his “multi-wheeled aircraft carrier” mode. Reminds you of the Helicarrier?

marcusgohmetroplex (29)

City mode.

marcusgohmetroplex (30)

Don’t try this at home. Seriously.

marcusgohmetroplex (32)

And of course, a shout out to Metroplex!

marcusgohmetroplex (33)

All fans should get a Metro card.

marcusgohmetroplex (34)

Here’s Metroplex all decked out in his stickers!

marcusgohmetroplex (35)

He has nice legs.

marcusgohmetroplex (36)

Electronics are in his armpit, just so you know.

marcusgohmetroplex (37)

High five, literally.

marcusgohmetroplex (38)

Stickered up aircraft carrier mode!

marcusgohmetroplex (39)

Impressive, isn’t he?

marcusgohmetroplex (40)

Just in case you want to see his right side.

marcusgohmetroplex (41)

And his backside.

marcusgohmetroplex (42)

Oops. I was supposed to close the fist, wasn’t I?

marcusgohmetroplex (43)

Well Fortress Maximus is longer! And he can fly.

marcusgohmetroplex (44)

Land and air.

marcusgohmetroplex (45)

More comparison shots.

marcusgohmetroplex (46)

Just to prove it once and for all.

marcusgohmetroplex (47)

Entering a city of wonders.

marcusgohmetroplex (48)

City mode with full stickers.

marcusgohmetroplex (50)

Fellow cities. Where would you want to live?

marcusgohmetroplex (52)

Since there are no FOC Legion/Commander class figures, I figured the next best thing would be Transformers: Prime ones.

marcusgohmetroplex (53)

After all, same continuity right?

marcusgohmetroplex (54)

Operating those big guns!

marcusgohmetroplex (55)

A bit blur, darn.

marcusgohmetroplex (56)

They’re having fun!

marcusgohmetroplex (57)

And here’s Scamper.

marcusgohmetroplex (58)

Scamper in his “rightful” position.

marcusgohmetroplex (59)

Behold Scamper!

marcusgohmetroplex (60)

Metroplex heeds the call of the last Prime.

marcusgohmetroplex (63)

Here are the gold and silver figures I talked about! More like bronze and grey, but hey points for trying.

marcusgohmetroplex (64)

Optimus Prime/Orion Pax.

marcusgohmetroplex (65)


marcusgohmetroplex (66)


marcusgohmetroplex (67)


marcusgohmetroplex (68)


marcusgohmetroplex (69)


marcusgohmetroplex (70)

Battle for Metroplex!

marcusgohmetroplex (72)

The last thing you see before you die.

marcusgohmetroplex (74)

Metroplex’s abs.

marcusgohmetroplex (75)

His shins.

marcusgohmetroplex (76)


marcusgohmetroplex (77)

It really does look like a spaceship!

And so this is Metroplex.

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