Raffles v Utama: Dawn of Singapore (GV25 Film Shorts Competition)

I took part in the GV25 Film Shorts Competition by Golden Village in 2017. Out of 200 submissions, three were selected to go into production with a grant of $2,000, so I had a little bit of money to make a short film!

The title started out as “Lost and Found”, but evolved into “Raffles v Utama: Dawn of Singapore”. It’s a 10-minute comedy about the ghosts of Raffles and Sang Nila Utama arguing about who the rightful founder of Singapore is, when they are inadvertently summoned during the Seventh Month by a group of hapless students.

Runner Up for the GV25 Film Shorts Competition
Runner Up for the GV25 Film Shorts Competition

I was runner up in the GV25 Film Shorts Competition, and here’s the story of my filmmaking journey. I wrote about my fears, challenges, and blessings that came about while on production.

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And my hashtag is #RafflesVUtama if you want to check it out on Instagram!

Raffles v Utama: Dawn of Singapore
Raffles v Utama: Dawn of Singapore

Media Coverage

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STOP10 Oct 2017: ‘Raffles v Utama: Dawn of Singapore’ by Team Marcus Goh – GV25 Finalist (Sindie)

And the winner of the GV25 Film Shorts Competition is…




Nat Ho as Alvin

Ning Cai as Xing

Divitra Sukumaran as Chandra

Arnaud Pierre as Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

Syawal Yusoff as His Highness Sang Nila Utama

Flora Yeo as the Cleaning Auntie

Danny Yeo as the Old Man

Bill Teoh as Voice of the Old Man

Jovis Ang as Voice of Xing’s Mother



Charmaine Yap
Sharon Han
Marcus Goh


Marcus Goh


Marcus Goh

Director of Photography

Ang Jian Hui

Sound Recordist

Adrian Kuek


Desmond Chua

Video Editor

Seah Lee Yan


Zach Renshen Ho

Sound Editor

Ron Tjing

First Assistant Director

Jovis Ang

Second Assistant Director

Kai Ong

Production Assistant

Wilson Tam

Camera Assistant

Charmaine Yap

Second Boom Operator

Desmond Chua

Technical Consultant

Weehan Yeo

Hair and Makeup Artists

Lin Zeng
Juliana Amir
Lee Hanjing


Sharon Han

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