Mata Mata – Who’s My Ah Gong?

For the first season of Mata Mata, I ran the Mata Mata: Who’s My Ah Gong? Twitter contest for MediaCorp. The audience was invited to guess who were the grandparents of Mark Cheong, a descendant of one of the characters in the show, through clues that he Tweeted.

I had to run two Twitter accounts, one for Mark Cheong, and another for Anita, to make them interact with each other, drop hints as to their parentage and also interact with their followers. For the main account, @cheongsterMark, I hit over 560 followers after the 1 month campaign period, together with the team from MediaCorp.

While I was provided with a planned script for the pair to Tweet to each other, I soon discovered that we needed far more content than that, so I Tweeted in character from both accounts and made them talk to each other about the issues and concerns of millennials. I suffered from a bit of multiple personality disorder at times as a result, but I managed to give them each a distinct voice. Also, engaging fans was really fun – it’s really exciting to see how invested people can become in the show.

After the campaign, I still drop occasional Tweets from the accounts to generate interest in the later seasons.

Mark Cheong’s Twitter account: @cheongsterMark

Anita’s Twitter account: @JambuAnita


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