Mata Mata: A New Era – Crossmates


For the second season of Mata Mata, Mata Mata: A New Era, the trans media strategy was different. MediaCorp would use the Toggle Now app to engage fans and give platform exclusive content via their Crossmates system.

Subscribers would choose one of two characters – either Peter Beh or Margaret Chin, the leads – and they’d receive personal messages from them, akin to SMSes, during the programme. At times, those messages would even come with a question, and subscribers would be able to give their opinions and get a programmed response from them.

It was interesting to time those messages just right, to give the impression that they were really asking fans what they thought as the show progressed. I used it in conjunction with the previous Twitter accounts that were set up to create a more 360 degree media experience for viewers. While Mata Mata was screening, they’d be able to Tweet the previous accounts, and also receive messages through Toggle Now.

It was quite the blast!

Mata Mata: A New Era – Crossmates


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