First Class


First Class is a half hour comedy set in a secondary school, that featured an even split between the teachers and students in said school. I cut my teeth as a scriptwriter on this series. We wrote full episodes, webisodes, wrote a fictional blog for some of the characters, and even generated fictional Facebook accounts for those characters.

It was my first time as a writer, and unknowingly, the first time I started doing transmedia content as well (it was called 360 content/mobisodes when it first started).

Season 1

Episode 1: Party of Five

Episode 2: If The Glove Fits…

Episode 3: Noel Lee: A Tragedy in 5 Parts

Episode 4: Citizen Gay

Episode 5: The Immaculate Deception

Episode 6: The Green-Eyed Monster

Episode 7: Who Framed Raju Raja?

Episode 8: Creativity Killed the Cat

Episode 9: More Equal Than Others

Episode 10: Michael Gets Fired (Really!)

Season 2

Episode 1: Rebels Without a Cause

Episode 2: Much Ado About Erica

Episode 3: The Blind Baba

Episode 4: Enter the Dragon

Episode 6: The Credit Crunch

Episode 7: Injustice for All

Episode 12: I Not Stupid


Season 1 Webisodes/Mobisodes (Trans Media) 

Webisode 1: A Sticky Situation

Webisode 2: There’s Something About Adam

Webisode 3: Incredible Tale

Webisode 4: SNUFF Film

Webisode 5: A Site for Sore Eyes

Webisode 6: NUMB Number 6

Webisode 7: Will The Real Mastermind Please Stand Up?

Webisode 8: Mind Over Matter

Webisode 9: Paved with Good Intentions

Webisode 10: Call of the Mild

Webisode 11: Cast and Criticisms


Awards and Nominations

Nominee for 2009 International Digital Emmy (Children & Young People).