Do people mock your writing?

If you have the sneaking suspicion that people around you are mocking the way you write, you might be tempted to do one (or both) of the following things:

  • use the most complicated words you can find
  • write as many words as possible

Neither is going to work.

In fact, doing that might make your writing even worse, especially if you use buzzwords or popular slang that you don’t understand in your emails. People will mock you even more.

Then you’ll take longer to write because you’re scared of being mocked, and you’ll eventually dread writing anything.

If you think writing is difficult and time-consuming, what should you do?

I can help.

I’m Marcus Goh, and I’ve been writing and teaching for over a decade. My work can be found all over the Internet, be it television, editorial, and even education.

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