How to get 20% off Lego

Lego in Singapore is expensive. If you’ve ever checked out the prices of Lego in the US, and compare them to shops in Singapore, the difference can range from 30% to as much as 50%. I’m not entirely sure why this is so – it’s just shipping, isn’t it?

So it’s important to find good prices for Lego. And the best place to buy Lego isn’t at Toys R Us or at a Lego specialty shop, as you might think.

It’s at Metro or OG.


The first, most important reason is that both departmental stores have regular 20% off sales. Metro has their 20% off sale once a month, but it’s usually for a day or two. OG has less frequent 20% off sales, usually around the Public Holiday long weekends, but their sales last longer, from the weekend to the Public Holiday.


Both stores also feature a fairly well-stocked offering of Lego products. Perhaps not as much as Lego specialty stores like BricksWorld or ToysHunt, but pretty comparable to the selection at Toys R Us.

Whereas at the Lego specialty shops, the maximum discount you can get is perhaps 10% off for being a member, unless that Lego item is on clearance.

Toys R Us doesn’t usually have blanket 20% off sales, if ever. The most is rebates or discounts. Their member card does give you points, but it translates into a 2.5% discount.

So there you go. Also, Metro is having their GSS now, which means 20% off everything!

Incidentally, although there is a Lego Singapore website, the best online resource for Lego information is actually Brickipedia, a Wiki for Lego.

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