[Food] 22 cafes that you can go to on Mondays

I don’t know if you’ve ever gone cafe hopping on Mondays, but it sure is difficulty. More than half of the cafes in Singapore are closed on Mondays, so you have a worse than 50% chance of trekking through some ulu back alley and emerging in some rural (but hipster!) neighbourhood to find – a “Sorry We’re Closed” sign.

Guess where Dreadwing is?

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Fret not! I’ve come up with a (non-exhaustive) list of cafes that are open on Mondays, based on this really excellent list by Joey Asher (I don’t know him personally). As a result, it’s also sorted by location.

I personally called most of them and checked out the websites of those who were closed by the time I called. So here’s a list of them and what time they open on Mondays!

I am Megatron!

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Tiong Bahru

1)Open Door Policy (12pm)

2)Drips (11am)

3)Orange Thimble (11am)

Holland Village/Buona Vista

1)Jimmy Monkey (8.30am)

2)Craft Bakery (9am)

Bukit Merah

1)Bakery Chef (10am)

Everton Park

1)Nylon Coffee Roasters (8.30am)

2)Cozy Corner Coffee (8.30am)

River Valley

1)The Plain (7.30am)

2)Common Man Coffee Roasters (8am)


1)Maison Ikkoku (9am)

2)Symmetry (10.30am)

3)I am (11.30am)

4)La Marelle Cafe (11am)

5)Espresso Lab (8.30am) (I can’t quite verify if it’s there still?)

6)Eat Play Love Cafe (12pm)

Jalan Besar

1)The Bravery (9am)

2)Tiramisu Hero (11am)

3)The Coffee Shot (10.30am)

4)Butter Studio (10.30am)

5)Suprette (7.30am)

Dreadwing & the Tiramisu Hero

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I hope this has been helpful if you’re going to cafes on a Monday! Especially if your company decides to give you an extra day off for some reason, it mostly comes on a Monday (since people are already in a holiday mood on Friday anyway).

And of course, my Transformers were pretty happy to go cafe hopping, although I was much happier for a different reason.

Soundwave and the lanterns.

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So here you go! Remember, it’s a non-exhaustive list, so there are more cafes that are open on Mondays – just that these are the ones that I can promise you are open (or at least, their websites say so).

You know how all those pretentious websites end off their “informative” articles with a self-righteous “You’re welcome” nowadays?

I’m not going to do that. Instead… here’s a picture of Megatron to start off your next cafe hopping adventure.

Megatron is just horsing around.

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